Monday, December 29, 2008

merry, merry

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, all!

We had a great Christmas. The eve was spent at home celebrating with the smalls and then we headed for St. Louis the next day. It was so great to see everyone. Anyone who knows me knows that I haven't always been close with my family. But I am making the effort and I think that was all that was needed. I really enjoyed the time there. Plus we went to REI to get some additional snowboard trip gear and got away for a kid-free lunch at a restaurant with actual cloth napkins! What more can a girl ask for?!

I started making tutus about 2 weeks before Christmas and ending up selling them to some lovely girls big and small. Add some cats and a stuffed animal to that and the story is complete. It all started with making some for my butterfly nieces in Portland (who have not actually received theirs yet...spoiler alert, Erin!) and Aaron said "you could totally sell those". (Yes, he said totally). And I did. :)

Speaking of Aaron and making. He made the most amazing play kitchen for Lola. It is incredible, better than any I have ever seen. He was working on it up until the end. We are still painting to follow soon. (I am so proud of this man!)

Oh, and I won the most amazing jam-packed box of cute from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess that included the sweetest painting, some stationary items and poprocks! I am loving her boy's music, too! She and the rest of the Red Velvet Art girls will be opening a shop in Springfield in Feb that calls for a roadtrip! Thanks, Elsie.

Aaron is off work for the week and the boys are doing all things Star Wars...legos, Wii games, battling with cardboard tubes.

Lola had a great time in St. Louis. She has learned to harness the power of her cute and manages to make friends everywhere we go. Here's hoping that power is only used for good.

We don't have huge New Year's plans. Some friends are hosting a wine tasting and we have been given the fantastic gift of a mother-in-law who enjoys the company of our smalls. Should be fun.

Gave up resolutions years ago. But it's already shaping up to be a wonderful 2009. Here's wishing the same for all of you!

(If you are still reading, sorry if this sounded manic and rushed...trying to blog quickly before the boys finish their last game.)

Monday, December 1, 2008

hello, december

We've been having some fun around these parts the last several weeks with very little photographic evidence. Sorry!

Had a surprise scotch-tasting party for the man a couple of weekends ago. It was far too much fun. How cute of a kid was this guy? Oh, my goodness! Sadly, we didn't get any snaps at the party, but the two included were of the morning after.

Went to STL for Thanksgiving. My grandmother has made the decision to sell her house and move into a retirement community. She has decided that the house is a bit too much for her. Mind you her house is spotless and the woman has more energy at 87 than I think I have ever had! I was sent home with some fantastic vintage fabric, a swan planter and this beautiful pink serving bowl. I'm proud of her for making the choice, it will be good for her to be around other people again. But I will miss the house I was practically raised in.

Painted the 2nd floor bathroom, just days before the party. That's my style -- to completely change a room when I should just be cleaning it. It did get a good cleaning in the process though, so that counts for something.

Put up the tree last night. Riley likes to place every ornament on a single branch. So it's pretty cute with giant clusters of shiny goodness and then completely naked areas. Oh, well. I am trying not to control everything! Well, I'm getting better anyway.

It's way after lunch and Lola is still wandering around in her pjs and robe because it is freezing in the house! And because she looks so cute!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

no school today

R. had parent/teacher conferences at school today and had the day off. Our weather has been unseasonably warm for November, so we spent most of the day outside. Our day included a long walk to school for his conference (excellent report, with only a couple of things to work on), lunch with Aaron and then the library and then the long walk back home. We spent the morning and afternoon collecting leaves and looking into waterless fountains and crawling around the kid's corner at the library. It's been a great day and I think everyone at this point could use a nap!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vader's Pumpkin Patch

Luke, I am your father and I insist you take a hayride to our corn maze. Or something like that. James Earl Jones could pull it off, I think.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

jc handmade

JC handmade makes the most lovely items and has been known to share the wealth with readers like myself. I am a huge fan of her blog and she makes me almost brave enough to start quilting myself. The latest word is that she is having a giveaway...but not just any giveaway. She will make a custom baby playmat/quilt in the color theme of your choice. If our little Lola were to be the proud winner of said quilt we would fancy pinks, oranges and reds. Here's hoping!

it was good to be born

It's the day before my 34th birthday. For me birthdays are a lot like new years, I always think back on the previous year and make plans for the next. So, without ceremony and in no particular order, below are my wishes for the next year.

1. to be hugged and held close without having to initiate it
2. finish a creative project
3. lots of adventures
4. learn to snowboard (got the socks, now I just need the skills)
5. more spontaneity
6. have a better relationship with my mother
7. find my passion
8. watch my children learn and grow
9. reveal my best self to someone new
10. more patience
11. to take more photos
12. to laugh ALOT
13. have people not ask what is wrong when i am not smiling...that's just my normal face folks
14. invite conversation
15. create an organized, comfortable home
16. to have What Not to Wear overhaul my wardrobe
17. spend more quiet time reading
18. get to know my grandmother more
19. be joyful in the moment
20. to continue journaling
21. be a good friend
22. keep up with correspondence and actually mail it
23. let stuff go
24. open the mail when it comes in, read it and do something with it
25. thank my husband more
26. go dancing
27. wear something fancy that is out of my comfort zone
28. find some new food haunts
29. write down more of the kid's firsts and funny moments
30. stop living for the next thing...maybe this is the "thing"
31. try to not care what people will think
32. wear red lipstick
33. romantic getaway with the man
34. be happy


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am completely enamored of this little wonder via Simple Lovely. Our house is about 120 years old and there is something wonderful about seeing it "photographed" this way.

Nothing super exciting to report. Lola is napping sweetly and I am taking a little break from laundry. Be well, my lovelies.