Thursday, June 19, 2008

She's so "solid" now.

Saw this on Design Mom's site and couldn't resist sharing.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

please to describe

busy is the word i use most often to describe my day/week/month/life...but today i choose lovely, fantastic, surprising and just plain old good.

thank you to all those who contributed.

carry on. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

catching up

Hi, hello, how are you?

Things have been busy round the compound. Plumbers in and out to give estimates for the never ending remodel. Lots of massagey-goodness: did a chair event at academie lafayette and met some wonderful people (bonjour enseignants), was asked to donate a massage and instruction class to a radio station auction, met the sweetest little baby boy, sam, for an instruction class with his mama and continuing to spa it up a bit.

Will be launching my website in the very near future. Quick peak at the logo above. Start thinking of your best haikus, there will be contests, prizes and hopefully a haiku mad-libs style generator on the site. Thank you, to my lovely husband who is so very talented. I know you are busy and I am so grateful you have taken the time to build me something so wonderful.

Saw Sex & the City last night with A. There may have been some tears -- from both of us. Yeah, I just outed you, my love. Allergies. Uh-huh, sure, we'll go with that. We then had some dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I would like to issue a public apology to our waiter. Yes, the conversation was a bit heavy -- as was the salad. But thanks for your time and nervous looks as you approached our table full of uneaten food. Enjoy the tip and we promise to never come back.

The small people are doing wonderfully. Riley is in his summer program and very excited to start 1st grade in August. Lola is crawling and getting her bottom two teeth! Pictures soon I promise.

That's it for today, my lovelies. Be well.