Friday, January 23, 2009

the latest...

  1. i have sawdust in my eye. ouch.
  2. today i got a little desk (new sewing table) and top of a hutch for FREE off craigslist, just had to go and pick it up. hooray!
  3. i am going to spend the weekend making over cleaning my craft room.
  4. i am very ready for the snowboard trip
  5. the play kitchen is almost complete. i ended up painting it pink and adore it!

Monday, January 5, 2009

alarm clocks are back

back to school this morning and back to our routine. sigh. i miss everyone being home together, i miss taking naps and not feeling guilty, i miss mountains, upon mountains of godiva brownies (is that what they were?) and mini-adventures.

while i am optimistic and pleased for oh-nine there is something kind of lonely about the naked silver tree waiting to go back in it's box. i really enjoyed the holidays and am sad to see them go.