Monday, December 1, 2008

hello, december

We've been having some fun around these parts the last several weeks with very little photographic evidence. Sorry!

Had a surprise scotch-tasting party for the man a couple of weekends ago. It was far too much fun. How cute of a kid was this guy? Oh, my goodness! Sadly, we didn't get any snaps at the party, but the two included were of the morning after.

Went to STL for Thanksgiving. My grandmother has made the decision to sell her house and move into a retirement community. She has decided that the house is a bit too much for her. Mind you her house is spotless and the woman has more energy at 87 than I think I have ever had! I was sent home with some fantastic vintage fabric, a swan planter and this beautiful pink serving bowl. I'm proud of her for making the choice, it will be good for her to be around other people again. But I will miss the house I was practically raised in.

Painted the 2nd floor bathroom, just days before the party. That's my style -- to completely change a room when I should just be cleaning it. It did get a good cleaning in the process though, so that counts for something.

Put up the tree last night. Riley likes to place every ornament on a single branch. So it's pretty cute with giant clusters of shiny goodness and then completely naked areas. Oh, well. I am trying not to control everything! Well, I'm getting better anyway.

It's way after lunch and Lola is still wandering around in her pjs and robe because it is freezing in the house! And because she looks so cute!

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Momma Erin said...

CUTE!!! she is beginning to look more like her daddy! glad to see some new pics-now if I can just get in gear...sigh