Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Five Million Dollar Woman

So I'm reading CNN headlines and enjoying some tea at work and I come across this article about Hillary donating $5M to her campaign.

$5M dollars?!

Ok, so I will be the first to admit that I am not one to often follow politics. However, I spent a great deal of time researching Clinton vs. Obama for the primary. I do believe that if I don't do something about issues that are close to my heart then I have no room to complain about them. So, I'm trying. Making the effort.

This article left me with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

First off, how does she have that much money? And secondly, if you care so much -- and really this goes for all candidates and the process in general -- about universal health care, the environment, a poor economy, the huddled masses, etc. why waste copious amounts money standing in corn fields and kissing babies when those MILLIONS of dollars can help someone eat, get prenatal care and put a roof over their heads?

We should be ashamed of ourselves.


IAmMonkeyBoy said...

Fascinatingly Obama managed to raise almost $4M in a single day (yesterday) over the internet. Just think about all of the health care that would pay for. Now imagine how much people will bitch if their taxes go up to pay for the health care. Probably not nearly what they spent donated to the campaign. This world and the people in it don't often make sense to me.

jennifer said...

I know. It's insane.

I've been reading the blog on and hearing people talking about donating several times at $10,$20, $30 a pop. And while I can respect that and see how people would want to help finance change, it just seems like in this digital age that information could be made available very inexpensively without all the globe trotting. Maybe I am naive.

IAmMonkeyBoy said...

I think it is all wrapped in the nature of charisma and celebrity. These are experiences that are more powerful up close. While it is possible to communicate the ideas via a press release you don't really get the full experience until you've been there in person. That involves shipping the candidate and his entourage all over the place. Add to that the expense for all of the campaign ads that each candidate is running. This really just acts as evidence of the corrosive effect of money in politics.

I guess one could argue that both of these political machines are really just pumping money right back into the economy and therefore providing jobs for people. Maybe it is a question of perspective.

jennifer said...

i've not seen obama in person...merely watched footage online like a lot of people. but it was a powerful experience nonetheless. i admit to having been moved a couple of times and really felt connected. why not have a limited number of events and broadcast them online, on tv, etc.?

we feel oh, so connected to Brittney Spears and the like and primarily know them through the tabloids. (don't get me started on celebrity and how much money and energy is wasted there.)

i don't know. just some thoughts. and still some head shaking at the crazy amounts of money being thrown around.

Ashley said...

I always enjoy reading what you have to say, very intellectual. 5M is a lot of money that could be going other places, but this is PLOITICS, do you expect any of them to spend it wisely?